Why MyEscape.Club

We are building escape room games where you will completely forget about your day-to-day routines and take a leading role in a breathtaking scenario. This is not about rooms with locks and keys! We have carefully designed all elements of the interior to create an atmosphere of the scenario. And we have filled it in with exciting puzzles and special effects.


Which room to choose

For the first-timers we would advise to start from the "Back to USSR" game. It will also perfectly work for smaller teams (2-3 persons) who like to solve more sophisticated puzzles in a calm and relaxed environment. This scenario is a little comical and completely non-linear, meaning that all team members will participate in solving the puzzles. For this escape room we can adjust the level of difficulty depending on your wishes. Also for "Back to USSR" we offer the best price for a two-players team in Amsterdam.

"Judgment Day" escape room is one of the most technologically advanced escape rooms in the Netherlands based on the feedback we are getting from the experienced players. We recommend it to people who played at least one escape room before and/or bigger teams (4-5 persons). It is highly realistic, very dynamic, with lots of electronic puzzles and sound/video installations. It is more like a movie where you play the main roles.


Real photos

On our website we present only real photos of our escape rooms. They can give you an impression what to expect inside.


Special offers

If you book both escape rooms for the same day - we will give you a 20% discount for the second game.

Also we will give you a 10% discount in case you have a birthday or you can present a valid student ID.

If you would like to book several games (e.g. team-building activity or stag-party) just contact us and we will arrange a suitable option for you.


Money back guarantee

In case you didn't like the game - tell us why, and we will give your money back.