What is going to happen?
Your team (min 2 and max 4 or 5 people) will be locked inside the game area. Every escape room game has its own scenario and you will have to find clues, solve puzzle or perform any other type of actions to progress through the game and ultimately win and find the way out. Once the door is closed behind your backs you will have 60 or 75 minutes (depending on the game) to complete the mission. 


What is the price?
The price of every scenario depends on the day of the week and the size of your team. You may find prices for "Judgement Day" escape room here. For "Back to USSR" escape room we offer very competitive pricing. It might be more relevant for the first-timers who want to get an idea what this is all about.

Can we use strong physical force or break things? 
Only in case this is part of the escape room scenario!!!
Otherwise no physical force is required to solve any of the puzzles in any of our escape rooms. Remember - this is not a computer game, it is real. If you force too much - you can break it, if you break it - you might not be able to complete the game or even hurt yourself! And we will have to close the escape room to fix what has been broken and other teams would not be able to play during their reserved time slot.


How we should prepare for the game?
No specific knowledge is required, just read the information we’ve sent you after the booking or immediately prior to the game start. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Occasionally you might need to crawl, jump or maybe dance :-)))


Who can play?
For safety reasons we are not allowing anyone visibly intoxicated to play any of our escape room games. In a similar fashion, if you are disruptive, unruly or present a threat to our environments or staff we may be forced to terminate your adventure.
Minors below the age of 14 are allowed only if accompanied by an adult. Some scenarios are strictly 18+ (this will be clearly stated in the game description).


Can we finish the game earlier?
Every escape room game is constantly supervised by the member of staff throughout your experience. If something goes wrong, we are able to stop the game any second. You can also do it yourself by pressing the STOP button available in all escape room scenarios.


What if we get stuck and have no idea what to do?
There is always an opportunity to ask for help in all of our escape room games. We are trying not to give direct instruction on the next steps, but rather provide hints or point you in the right direction.


What if we have a team of 6 or 7 players?
Unfortunately all of our escape room scenarios are designed for 4 or 5 players maximum. Our experience shows that above that number the game flow is negatively affected. Sometimes it might feel too crowded inside.
But you can always split into two teams or books two escape rooms at the same time. Also the rest can wait in our guest zone with free drinks and table games.